What Does “Real-Time” Really Mean?

July 30, 2014

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    Great Primer on the Progression of #Programmatic Media in @Forbes, @minicooper! (and nice alliteration, too) http://t.co/8BrR4HDrlH -
    Here's lookin' at you, @ericbosco! http://t.co/aLcLmOc4J8 via @sai -
    Our CEO, @ericbosco, will be co-speaking with Zappos at #GrowthBeat on August 5th! http://t.co/8yQpTu6AYq via @VentureBeat #CSclientlove -
    Top 3 Benefits of #Programmatic: avoid trial & error; react instantly to changing markets; reduce fraud http://t.co/aYkQPfyFrM | @BizReport -
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